1. The best part about living out of the country for x number of years is how ridiculously awkward I feel whenever writing an email in my own mother tongue.

    I mean, wtf brain, collaborate with me, yo.


  2. satsunon:

    y’all know that I’m over 18

    so if any of my mutuals who are under the age of 18 don’t want me following them/feel uncomfortable about me following them, please please please tell me

    I want y’all to feel comfortable on tumblr, but more importantly I want y’all to feel safe

    (via janewithawhy)


  3. rizzles-me-this said: hmm how about 9 & 20



    I DID IT.

    Ahem. Continuing.


    9:Talk about little things on your body that you like the most.

    I like how I am stronger than I look I am. These twig arms are surprisingly sturdy.

    I like how when I tan I tan. I don’t burn, I don’t have years of pain ahead of me when I’m dicking around on a sunny day like my siblings do.

    I like my butt I guess. It’s a nice butt even though it hates every sort of pair of pants that actually fit my stumpy short legs. 

    20:Talk about something that happened in high school.

    When I was in high school, I was brilliant enough to not pass my chemistry tests by knowing basic cooking skills and some knowledge of English as a language.


  4. rizzles-me-this said: hmm how about 9 & 20

    9:Talk about little things on your body that you like the most.

    I like how I am stronger than I look I am. These twig arms are surprisingly sturdy.

    I like how when I tan I tan. I don’t burn, I don’t have years of pain ahead of me when I’m dicking around on a sunny day like my siblings do.

    I like my butt I guess. It’s a nice butt even though it hates every sort of pair of pants that actually fit my stumpy short legs. 


  5. Anonymous said: 29 and 30.

    I always wondered when the sex questions would arrive on this blog.

    29:Talk about what turns you on.

    Hmmm…I wonder if you guys can see the gears turning inside my head as I think this one through. There are so many little things, this is such a vague question.

    I could talk about bodies and how I find them beautiful. I could spent hours tracing my thoughts about back muscles, and arms and legs and how they all flex. About pleasant face shapes, about comfy meaty lips (and when those are bitten), about big hands and long arms, or delicate hands and small feet. About small bodies and big bodies and things I want to conquer and that I want to try and conquer me.

    I could, too, talk about attitude. About owning the stage, about giving me a run for my money and making me wonder which one of us can dominate a conversation with no words.  Or people who don’t carry it in attitude, but are equally fascinating and still make me want to learn as much as I can.

    Sometimes it’s the brains that do the trick, sometimes it’s the gut-feeling I get from them. Sometimes it could even just be a voice.

    It definitely a package of things, people are all so very different and so many so lovable in so many different ways.

    But, most of all my dear, things that turn me on - people that turn me on - they are always ones that will invariably get me in trouble.

    (not in a moral way, take your heads out of the gutter sheesh)

    30:Talk about what turns you off.

    A surprisingly long list, albeit I try not to think about it so much  - why should I?

    Kids. I hate kids and I hate people who act like kids. I hate childishness, drives me up the wall with anger. I suppose it’s because I find myself enough of a child already.

    Also people who eat their motherfucking bubblegum with an open mouth? People who eat with an open mouth in general drive me insane.

    Inconsiderate people, people who think dictatorship in my country should come back, political assholes.

    Y’know. The works.


  6. nonon-in-a-hummer said: 5, 11, 24

    5:Talk about the best birthday you’ve had.

    I…all my birthdays go wrong in increasingly hilarious ways?

    So my best birthdays are the ones in which I get to sit down away from everyone, because then I can watch the whole of Noir again, and I drink some coffee, eat something good and draw a little bit.

    11:Talk about the best dream you’ve ever had.

    Ahahahahahahhaaahaa no.

    I think I found my guilty pleasure guys.

    24:Talk about something someone told you that meant a lot.

    fRICK. Uhhhh shit…

    I’m suck a broken cookie, it’s so hard for me to believe people when they say nice things because most of the time I find it very hard to take them seriously? Not so much because of the person, but because I just have such a shitty self esteem  that I just can’t trust it for myself.

    I think in recent memory there were a couple times I went .-. over the board.

    The first one was when someone close to me told me that every uplifting thing I’ve said about them to them, from every small pick me up to every argument we’ve had in which I had to snap them out of their state of feeling like they were undeserving - they wrote it all down as a reminder they can and will do better.

    That… I never thought I would ever be able to give strength to someone like that.

    There was also that time Ivory said I was the only sloth they needed, and that was hilariously precious and the nicest thing I heard all week - and ridiculously unexpected too, geez.

    When you’re in a shitty situation, it’s not compliments that get you out, and sometimes not even “I love you”s that do. Showing you’re inspiration though? That screws me.

    Also makes me wonder w h y for about a full month at least.


  7. Did you just say Jayne with a why?

    I. Uh. Frick.


  8. janewithawhy said: 7: Talk about your biggest insecurity.

    Oh god Jayne why.

    My biggest insecurity is literally to be a loser.

    Lemme explain this further.

    The thing I love the most about life? People. I love people. People have so much potential in them, they have so much they can show for. I love people with all my dear heart.

    Sometimes, people make mistakes, or sometimes life literally ruins them in every possible way and that is very bad.

    But don’t confuse that with what I am truly about to say.

    My biggest insecurity is to be a loser. A mediocre person who took all their potential and threw it in to the trash. A person that had the means and the intellect. That had the skills, that was at the right place at the right time. Y’know the ‘Frodo with the One Ring, on the open mouth of the volcano’.

    The person who has every single force pulling them to a button but that, at the time they are supposed to, they don’t press it. They can’t. Just mediocre.

    My biggest insecurity is to be as mediocre as I think I am.

    Which, moving on, is what causes me the biggest amount of grief right now because I am so afraid I am right.


  9. Anonymous said: so for that question meme thing did you want us to tell you stories or you to tell us? or both?

    You know, it is super vague, but I believe it’s an answer thing, but if you wanna tell me things I’m okay with that too?

    Whichever floats your boat I am guessing.


  10. snarfaty said: 8, 15, 36

    8:Talk about the thing you are most proud of.

    I… I have to think about this one, when was the last time I actually felt proud of anything I did? Today was a rainy day both in my soul and outside of it, so I have to remind me of what it was like to be actually me without all the bullshit weighting it all down. Let’s see.

    There was this time back when I studied at Sheridan in which I was doing a project for that day’s class. The class ended at 2 and I had work at 3 on campus at some crappy ass Tim Hortons they had just opened up. The teacher told us our grades then, and let me and some other three peeps that we had already an A, but if we managed to deliver that project in time, she would bump our grade up.

    I stayed after class and, 15 minutes before my job, as the teacher decided to head to the door, I stood up and handed my project to her. Then I worked all day like a loser without having eaten and that was shitty but, I think the last time I was honestly proud of anything was that. Is it important, did it change anything, was it a big deal in any other sense? Not really but…

    I guess for once I proved I could do the job and pull through a thing.

    15:Talk about the time you were most content in life.

    That would probably be during Sheridan as well. That was a good year, most likely the happiest I have ever been on a scale of 0 to ‘dog without a leash in a grass field’. I had a crappy job, but it was my job, I was studying a thing that I was convinced for years after that I loved,and I felt loved by my (then) partner - even though it all changed when the fire nation attacked I had to come back home, and even though nothing was necessarily easy either, the feeling of being my own actual person was the best thing I’ve ever had.

    36:Talk about your guilty pleasures.

    A ‘guilty pleasure’ is a dumb thing. Why should I feel guilty about the things that I enjoy? Unless it is something overall evil and problematic that actually brings decay to anyone else’s life I don’t see how it can be a guilty pleasure? Maybe until the day you figure out that - yes - you like the thing and there’s nothing wrong with liking that thing, it would be it? In any case, I can’t say I feel guilty for things I enjoy. My guilt usually permeates my life in other dumb ways. That being said I love feet, and how they look, and drawing them, and giving foot massages and apparently that is a weird thing that people consider a guilty pleasure but sure, ok, champion.